Bobbe Huetter began her career as an artist at the age of 10.  When sent to her room as a child, she sat on her bedroom floor and began to draw. Even though this was over 74 years ago, she vividly remembers completing the drawing, pausing to see the light from the open window spill across its surface and thought, "This is really good!"

Her second thought was, "It was too easy, so it must not be good."  Luckily that didn't stop her from following her dream of becoming the talented and prolific artist she is today. In the eyes of those who know her, it is readily apparent that each time Bobbe taps into that effortless space, she captures true beauty and inspiration.


Studied Oil Painting with Otis Oldfield at California College of Arts And Crafts and took private lessons with Japanese artist Chiaro Obata, and studied Sumi-e painting, in the late 40's/early 50's. Bobbe worked in commercial art but gave up her career when she married to be  a wife and raise a family, although she continued to paint throughout those years.

When moving to Napa after her children were grown, Bobbe won many awards for her work and also received the honor of known art collector Rene di Rosa, purchase from her collection.

Bobbe's work is in homes and office's throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada and Austria.


While cleaning out her mothers storage unit and art room storage cabinets, Bobbe's daughter Angelica discovered dozens of pieces never before seen. Angelica questioned her mother as to why so many of her pieces were never shown or even seen and Bobbe's response was, "Because I like them and didn't know if I wanted to sell them." This was followed by, "Mom, no one is getting any pleasure from them, not even you, stored away like this." Bobbe gave the OK, and the pieces were professionally photographed in order to not only make the original available for purchase,  but for beautiful Giclée’s on Canvas and Archival Fine Art Paper , metal or quality German papers.

Several of the originals never before put up for sale, are under her maiden name of Krausse.